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Choose Wisely

Like the rest of the country, the St. Louis market is ripe with job opportunities. Being in the Agency business for 30 years, I get a number of emails that hit my in-box. I'll share a few of those here. I'm also scouting for a few very special Agencies whom I truly believe in and know well. I believe there is a place for everyone. The key? Know what you're getting into. As a Talent Scout, I get to know my clients very well before matching them with candidates that I think will fit. Click here for open positions.

A few tips before sharing opportunities in the STL market (and beyond).

  1. Look around. What's it REALLY going to be like to work there? Does it feel like a long-term home? Or something you think you can handle for just a year or two? Think long term. It's a chooser's market but beware the higher salaries and signing bonuses. They call them golden handcuffs for a reason.

  2. The market will turn. Also beware those agencies and companies hiring for too many positions. There's a reason all those people left. Know what you are getting into.

  3. Get some advice. Find someone who works in the agency business to give you some insight into various agencies, advice on how to find the right agency for you, and/or how to level-up at your existing agency. You can do this with a trusted mentor, former colleague, or someone like me. I offer free 30-minute consultations. I may have an open position, or can give you a few pieces of advice. Either way, an outside perspective will go a long way. To schedule a call, click here for an open time:

Now, on to the "T!"


Millipore Sigma Group is looking for a Video Production Editor.

The St. Louis City Soccer Club is on the hunt for a Community Relations Director.

Who doesn’t like tea? The Republic of Tea is searching for a Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager.

St. Louis-based Ascension Health Care is looking for a Senior Director of Products.

Local utility company Ameren is looking for a Graphic Design Specialist.


Edward Jones is looking for a Senior Visual Designer that is eligible to work remotely.

Nestle is looking for a Communications Specialist for its global business team. Looking for 5 years of experience with a starting salary of $62,295.


Boston-based biotech company Embark Veterinary is seeking a Director of Product Design to hire and lead a team of people as they revolutionize DNA testing for pets.

American Airlines is searching for a Director, Corporate Communications to be based in Fort Worth, TX.

Marketing Manager at accounting firm at Abdo, Eick & Meyers in Edina, Minnesota.

Melinda Love is a small-town farm girl who’s lived in big cities most of her life. She’s a Marketer, Writer, Business Leader and Speaker who currently calls St. Louis home. She believes in humans and spends much of her time helping them work better with one another. She spends her time connecting talent to agencies; assisting small-mid size agencies by providing business advice and guidance to help them grow, and; guiding clients towards awesome agencies to get their stories out to the world. She writes this blog on the semi-regular depending how busy she is. If you have submissions, please email:

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