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If you hire great people ...

Your Personal  Talent Scout

Find the people who will become key to growing your business.

Because good talent is hard to find and even harder to keep, we believe “Personalized Talent Curation” is the way of the future. Instead of traditional recruiting and hiring methods which involves casting a wide net by posting a job description, digging through resumes, and spending endless hours of precious time in identifying the right candidate, M Consulting Group becomes your agency’s talent scout. 


By digging deep into each agency, we get to understand the personality, chemistry and fit for a successful candidate. We tap into our vast network, place cloaked ads, and rub shoulders with all the right people to get wind of the best talent at just the right time. We personally screen each candidate before placing a few highly-qualified candidates in front of you and your team. 


For agencies, I’m a personalized talent scout saving you hours of valuable time. For my network, I’m your advance team. By working closely with agencies, I get to know their teams, their culture, their vibe. I make introductions based upon talent, personality and fit. 


Play the long game and find the people who will become key to growing your business. 

“You’ve made a difference in our team and in our work and we are so appreciative!"

­— Agency COO

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