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If you hire agencies ...

Agency Matchmaker

“We knew exactly where we were in the process all along. I've never been involved in such a well thought-through process. Very impressed."


— International Organization

Board of Directors

How to find (and hire) the right agency to grow your business.

According to AdWeek,* in 2020 companies will spend $255 billion annually on marketing, advertising and creative fees. It's an expensive endeavor fraught with risks. in fact, taking a chance on an agency can often mean putting your reputation on the line.

With over 30 years of experience in three distinct environments: a start-up, a globally-matrixed organization and a highly specialized boutique, M Consulting Group (MCG) knows agencies and how companies and organizations can get the most from them. We’ve learned how finding the right agency can make a big difference in how fast a company can run. It’s the difference between hitting the ground running, making a sales target and earning the confidence of management or the board. 


M Consulting Group helps world-class companies and organizations find just the right advertising, marketing and creative agencies to help their businesses grow. From branding, product roll-outs, advertising campaigns, sales collateral and employee programs, we can help find the agency that’s right for you. Make the right call. Here’s how MCG can help.

//  Agency Research

//  RFP Development

//  Board Member Presentations

//  Judging Criteria

//  Facilitation of Discussions

//  Coordination of Presentations

//  Budget Negotiation Process 

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