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If you need direction ...


“I really wasn't sure what I needed, I just know I needed a change. She really helped me think through my options."


— Creative Director

Life is too short to not do what you love.

Have you found your place? Do you know where you’re going? Are you confident in what’s next? Do you feel stuck in your current role? Are you itching for something new? Have you reached a plateau? Are you losing sight of what’s important because agency-life can be stressful and all-consuming? Are you an agency with an emerging talent with confidence issues? Or a CEO that needs to bounce ideas off of someone without alarming staff before your plan is fully baked?


Sometimes having a confidante in your corner without fear of showing weakness to the boss (or team) can be helpful to build confidence in future leaders — and in future decisions.


Equal parts tough-love and eternal optimist, Melinda Love is not a licensed coach or therapist, nor does she want to be. Just think of her as your favorite Aunt or big sister — but with 30 years of agency experience and practical advice and real stories to back up the insight. Confidential guidance and advice. 


Honest perspective from a non-biased third party might be just what you need.

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