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Chief Marketing Officer

“We were four-years into a start-up and needed a seasoned perspective, senior direction, discipline, and energy. We got that in spades."


— West Coast AgTech Start-Up

Ideal for start-ups or for companies going through a transition.

The most difficult time to hire is when you need help the most. Don't become a victim to timing by hiring someone you have to replace later. Avoid the revolving door of talent that reflects poorly on your business, creating morale issues with your team

and becomes a drain on meeting targets. Enter: the Fractional Corporate Marketing Officer (CMO).

Fractional officers are not full-time employees — but highly specialized and experienced industry professionals that are invested in your business. They are known for getting up-to-speed quickly — and filling the gaps — until you identify longer-term talent. You can expect a fractional CMO to attack your business like it's their own. Expect Type A organization, proactive ideation, and rapid action. Most assignments range from one-to-three months to a year.

M Consulting Group limits other assignments while under contract as Fractional CMO responsibilities are all-encompassing and range from developing a marketing plan, hiring partners, demonstrating movement, and leading teams to meet aggressive targets often during times of exponential growth.

Contact us to learn more about a custom solution for your business.

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//  Establish Goals and Deliverables

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