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If you need help during a transition ...


“I didn't expect any coverage but I made a call to Melinda and now I'm in two mainstream outlets. It was a Hail Mary and here we are. She's always willing to take a shot and now I feel like we're on the map."

­—Tech Start-Up CEO

White-label talent when you need it the most.

Are you a start-up looking for communications support? Not ready to hire a full-time person? Or are you between communications or marketing officers? Instead of letting things go for the next three-to-six months while you identify the perfect candidate, why not bring someone in to assist? We can develop plans from afar, be pulled in to lead a team towards a big deadline or provide support to an existing team if they are under water. One size does not fit all. We’re flexible, detailed and focused on what you need when you need it.


Examples of work over the past year includes:

>> Positioned, wrote and earned media coverage for a new start-up in a competitive market

>> Created a content marketing strategy for a growing business

>> Designed and developed sales presentations

>> Conducted client satisfaction interviews to identify new business opportunities

>> Developed identity packages and brands for multiple small businesses

>> Wrote content and provided counsel on winning proposals


You turn the dial up on how much you need and what you need. We just answer

the call.

//  Marketing Plans

//  Press Releases

//  Promotional Campaigns

//  Sales Materials

//  Project Management

//  Identity Development

//  Graphic Design 

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